I am formerly a NIH PERT Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Insect Science at the University of Arizona.

My previous research in the Zhao Lab at UNM focused on understanding the molecular and genetic mechanisms  of dendritic and synaptic development in the mammalian hippocampus (Smrt et al 2007, Smrt et al 2010), specifically in a mouse model of Rett syndrome. Recently as a Post-doc in the Dept. of Neurosciences at Univeristy of Arizona , I used a combination of genetic and pharmacological approaches in Drosophila to understand how genetic and environmental interactions affect normal brain development.

 My long term goal as a minority researcher is to do both research and teaching in a university setting as a faculty member, and be a teaching mentor to other minorities and individuals underrepresented in science. In my future research, I aim to collaborate with researchers and medical clinicians to better understand and develop treatments for developmental neuropathology.

Richard in Surgery

Journal Covers

Cover image in Frontiers in Biology 2010

Cover image in Neurobiology of Disease 2007

Selected Slides

Illustration of the neuron, dendrites, and dendritic spines. Background slide from my PhD dissertation defense.

Neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus. Yes, we do generate new neurons continuously! Background slide from my PhD dissertation defense.

  – Richard Smrt

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  1. Chantal
    Chantal says:


    I am currently writing the introduction chapter of my Thesis and was wondering if it was fine with you if I use part “A” of your background slide to illustrate neuron, dendrites, and dendritic spines. I will of course refer this image to your review paper “Smrt and Zhao, Frontiers Biology 2010″.


  2. AMY
    AMY says:

    I have a seminar presentation, if its fine with you that I’d like to use your slide picture in it.
    It’s good!! Of course i do ref it from you.

  3. Lydia
    Lydia says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I could use your picture of neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus for my presentation on adult neurogenesis. As everyone has said, I will reference your site. :)

  4. Susana Brox
    Susana Brox says:

    Hello! Amazing research work and life style! Many Congrats Richard
    from Barcelona! I am graduating this July in Molecular Biology and
    I’ve been my final project in Alzheimer and neurogenesis.
    Could I use your second drawing for my presentation?? It’s awesome!!


  5. Shonara
    Shonara says:

    I’d like to use part A of your background slide in a poster I’m preparing for a seminar – just a student competition. Yours explains it so beautifully! Of course I will reference you.

  6. Mrunal Rane
    Mrunal Rane says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am doing my Ph.D from IIT Bombay. I will be giving a presentation in a course, Research Proposal on “Role of Dendrites”. May I use it in my presentation.I will definately give the reference.
    Thanks and Regards,

  7. Adrian
    Adrian says:


    I am submitting a proposal and would love to use your background slide B to illustrate cell migration. May I use it? Of course I will reference it to you. Many thanks!



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